Station 21 - Cornet Bay

 Address: 395 W. Troxell Rd.


This station is the second oldest building in the history of NWF&R. Built in 1962, by the volunteer firemen themselves, this station and its crew have provided the communities near it with quick and professional emergency response for 50 years! 





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Station 22 - Taylor Road 


 Address: 3440 Taylor Rd.

This is the largest fire station in the north end of the island. The land was purchased in 1990 with the storage building being constructed in 1993. The main station was built in 1995. The annual Easter Egg Hunt as well as the annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast fundraiser is held at this station.





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Station 23 - Silver Lake Rd.

Address: 847 Silver Lake Rd.


The third oldest station in the district, land was purchased in 1974 and the station was built in 1975. Station 23 had a remodel in 1984, and in 2012 the long standing "tower" was removed.

Station 23 is poised near the intersection of DeVries Rd and Silver Lake Rd.



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Station 24 - Polnell

 Address: 1213 Old Polnell Rd.


This station was built in 1980 in response to the growing communities in the Polnell Pt. and Strawberry Pt. Areas. In 2002 the building was remodeled and expanded to it's current two-bay configuration.





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Station 25 - Heller Road

 Address: 2720 N. Heller Rd.


This station is located on the western edge of the City of Oak Harbor. It has served as a fire station in the district since 1992. The administration offices were vacated in 2011 when the District purchased the Chicago Title building to serve as the new Headquarters. Due to the close proximity to the City, Station 25 perennially boasts the highest amount of volunteer firefighters in the district.





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